of the same pieces

Sweater or a dress?
With KNEPP you can have both!
Just a question of buttoning.


Skirt or Dress - same pieces

Yesterday's skirt and this dress - same pieces are used, just re buttoned!
You can buy this garment in the Webshop. Order the pieces and I will button up the garment for you.


Like a butterfly

SKIRT: 2 white double pieces for the skirt
waist a piece of pink buttonhole elastic
2 pieces like RUTA for the butterfly/poncho
and a striped KNEPPpiece
about 45 buttons



You can snap the KNEPPpieces together with, for example as here a hand-knit scarf
seen from the back



2 BANANpieces for a pillow
open up the pillow...and then you have a top!


blue dress

Interesting dress!
made up with 5 RUTA pieces and the braces = buttonhole elastic band.


A Midsummer dress

The net dress is buttoned together with KNEPP buttons and buttonhole elastic band -
with seven different kinds of wild flowers in the buttonholes

(To pick 7 wild flowers in the midsummer night for dreaming of their future... is a Swedish tradition.)


Make a rose

Make a rose - easy with the KNEPP button.

The poncho is buttoned with a black double piece, 8 buttons

and the hat is snapped up with small KNEPp pieces

and the skirt is also snapped!


Airy top

Interesting Top buttoned up with just 1 RUTA piece and buttonhole elastic band, 8 buttons



The knickers is buttoned up with 2 BANAN pieces, buttonhole elastic at the waist....
 and buttons.
Not the best pair but I think it's interesting,
that's possible to make trousers out of 2 squared pieces.



Skirt for pencils

20 SMÅKNEPP pieces
10 red and 10 blue
and lots of buttons!


Candy dress

cerise at the back

The dress is buttoned up with
2 pieces(1  cerise and 1 turqouise) in size at the banana piece and
2 yellow pieces in 'half size' and 2 small red pieces...31 white and some red buttons


Pot holder dress

side and  back view
Dress with hand crocheted pot holders and three PRICK pieces, braces from buttonhole elastic. All together are buttoned up...31 buttons.


Dotty top

Top made up with 4 PRICK pieces - 40 buttons and around the neck buttonhole elastic



A jacket snapped up with 5 identical dotted pieces (the picture)and 1 small KNEPP piece for the neck  -  46 buttons You can choose red or black side out!


One piece wrap dress

A double KNEPP piece braces buttonhole elastic 6 buttons

back view
extra colorful

shawl and a felt flower in the buttons!


Jacket or dress.... made up with same pieces

back view

a leather triangle for a better fit

The dress
and the jacket are both buttoned up with 2 striped pieces
in size like 1 1/2 Banana piece
(or  like 1 BANAN and 1 RUTA pieces together)



You can build many garments with SMÅKNEPP pieces
the easiest is just
 1 piece and 2 buttons!


Happy or sad...

The jacket is buttoned up with 2 BANAN and 2 RUTA pieces
Have a look here:
brooch, attached with
 the KNEPP buttons
the jacket seen from the back
 (a leather triangle for a better fit)