Top & lace

Top buttoned up with 12 SMÅKNEPP pieces on buttonhole elastic which continues for braces, sleeves and collar are buttoned with a KNEPP-button friendly lace
The snap - friendly lace sleeves


with a boll fringe necklace

dress from the back
Yesterday's dress now with sleeves and some other decorations, as ball fringe and small leather pieces, etc.all buttoned up with KNEPP buttons.
The dress is made up with 2 BANAN, 1 RUTA, a network front piece in the same shape as a RUTA piece and 4 SMÅKNEPP pieces and about 60 buttons.


With flowers...

Dress buttoned up with 2 BANAN pieces 1 RUTA piece and a piece of black network,(network so you can snap on decorations in the holes) in the same shape as a RUTA piece, 30 buttons and here, 2 yellow felt flowers.
dress from the back


From my rich archives

Make your own flower design!
Buttoned up with: 1 yellow BANAN piece
2 yellow PRICK pieces
1 white SMÅKNEPP piece
Front piece: carpet antislip materials
KNEPP flowers and about 50 buttons


Dress without sleeves

Dress buttoned up with 2 BANAN pieses and 10 SMÅKNEPP pieces
and with 38 buttons.
Around the neck: SMÅKNEPPS pieces are buttoned
on a ring of buttonhole elastics

Seen from the back,with a fold