Transform the dress..............

From a skirt...

to a Shoulder warmer 

2 RUTA pieces and 9 buttons.
back view


Transform the dress...............to a folded skirt

yesterday's vest
The skirt consists of 3 RUTA pieces and 24 buttons

the pleats are folded on a buttonhole elastic band - see the skirt from the back above


Transform the dress more and more and more...

 The jacket - today transformed to a vest

From a jacket...

     The vest consists of 4 RUTA pieces 
and 20 buttons

vest from the back

The vest
held together by a silver KNEPP brooch (happy today!)


Transform the dress more and more

The dress is  now transformed to a jacket.

Two pieces are saved, already buttoned up, from the skirt  
for the back piece of the jacket.
The jacket consists of 6 RUTA pieces and 43 buttons
back view


Transform the dress more

dress without sleeves

Remove 2 RUTA pieces from the top of the dress 
and snap them at the other direction like 'braces' on the skirt.
Snap a fold front and back of the skirt and there are also small folds made each side of the top, front and back.

The dress consists of 6 RUTA pieces and 43 buttons

new dress seen from the back