Blue dress

6 pieces RUTA dress

Leave one button unbuttoned 
to use the trouser pockets underneath



A really warm dress buttoned up with
7 RUTA and 2 PRICK pieces
red/black KNEPP buttons are used


Three pieces jacket


and opened up!
seen from the back
Jacket buttoned up with three
Banana pieces
(with interesting buttoning for the sleeves)


Skirt with braces

Skirt with braces, buttoned up
 with 3 checkered pieces and 
1 KNEPPpiece.Braces of buttonhole
 elastic(and also around the waist,
A band of sequins and small flowers 
are snapped as decorations.


Red sweater or a black short sleeved jacket?

Two different garments made up with the same pieces(4 dotted pieces)

seen from the back

with a leather triangle at the collar back,
 for a better fit


handcraft and KNEPP pieces

Button up a dotted Knepp piece...

 ...with handcrafted a crocheted (like here) or knitted nice things!

You do not need to knit a whole sweater that way. Besides, you can just unbutton and use it again and for something completely different if you want.


Just one RUTA piece

to hang on the wall
a table cloth
different types of hats

book covers

...and so on

Buttoned up with just one Ruta piece


Instead of snapping...

on the shoulders
(seen from the back)
You can also use long shoelaces to tie the pieces together  (as here)instead of snapping.
around the neck

at the waist


Dress over a dress

Add two beige pieces to yesterday's and you have a dress
(or like here an warming up... dress over a dress)


Just a simple dress

  just a simple dress ... buttoned up with two long black pieces. 
Turned the other way it will be to 
a dramatic poncho