One piece wrap dress

A double KNEPP piece braces buttonhole elastic 6 buttons

back view
extra colorful

shawl and a felt flower in the buttons!


Jacket or dress.... made up with same pieces

back view

a leather triangle for a better fit

The dress
and the jacket are both buttoned up with 2 striped pieces
in size like 1 1/2 Banana piece
(or  like 1 BANAN and 1 RUTA pieces together)



You can build many garments with SMÅKNEPP pieces
the easiest is just
 1 piece and 2 buttons!


Happy or sad...

The jacket is buttoned up with 2 BANAN and 2 RUTA pieces
Have a look here:
brooch, attached with
 the KNEPP buttons
the jacket seen from the back
 (a leather triangle for a better fit)