Yellow wool shirt buttoned up with 2 yellow KNEPP pieces(like BANAN in form and size) and 2light blue(like SMÅKNEPP)- pieces for shoulders and 2 yellow as bracelets. The sleeves network comes from 2 orange packagings (organic!). With the buttons you can snap  different materials that have holes in, example net. The 'flowers' come from a spotted fabric cut out with zigzag scissors...
The shirt is buttoned up with 34 buttons.


Red wool sweater

The sweater is buttoned up with 2 red pieces
(in shape like a BANAN piece)
2 red sleeve pieces
(like PRICK pieces)
and 2 SMÅKNEPP pieces (1 red piece and 1 blue/black KNEPP piece......48 buttons
The shoulder KNEPP 


Yellow wool sweater with beige sleeves

      Buttoned up with 2 yellow pieces (in shape like BANAN)
     2 beige pieces (in shape like PRICK)
     2 shoulder pieces like SMÅKNEPP, 1 yellow and 1 grey black SMÅKNEPP
     48 buttons.
     Are you interested - write me a note.


Turquoise wool sweater with purple sleeves

Buttoned up with 2 turquoise pieces (in shape like BANAN)
2 purple pieces (in shape like PRICK)
2 shoulderpieces like SMÅKNEPP (1 turqouise)  48 buttons.
Are you interested - write me a note